Be it an Auspicious year 2020

Lament not o'er the past;

For the bygone is set in stone.

On bended knees in lieu;

Confess thy transgressions.

Reconcile with thyself and thy foeman.

Moving on for a better tomorrow;

Is within thee, the discretion and conscience.

Thence, live the life thou loveth.

And amidst the antithetical barriers;

Thou must, love the life thou liveth.

To thee, may it be an auspicious year.

May thy dreams and wishes yield fruits.

May thy heart radiate joy and happiness.

And a blessing be thy life, to the weak and weary.

May the holy scripture fill thy memory,

Rule thy heart and guide thy feet.

Now and till the end of thy breathe

That thy soul be elated and ecstatic with joy.

📝 Thangminlen Mate @ Humblemyn


© 2020